• Autoblinda STAGHOUND dei Berretti Neri dell'8° Armata con... bicicletta di servizio.
  • Gruppo di combattenti per la libertà
  • Corazzato SHERMAN M4, con cavo rimorchio, ruotino e cingoli di scorta, preceduto da un Carabiniere in perfetta divisa e moschetto MOD 91
  • Corazzato britannico HUMBER MK III KARRIER mentre sorpassa un mulo in Re Enzo
  • Corazzati dell'8° Armata in marcia verso le due Torri
  • Combattenti per la libertà su Topolino, peraltro senza cofano
  • Due soldati americani, che percorrono via Rizzoli
  • I bersaglieri del Friuli, Legnano, Cremona, Folgore
  • Motociclista dell'8° Armata incrocia dei fanti su via Rizzoli
  • Fanti sulle jeep in centro
  • Pausa per questi Berretti Neri polacchi dell'8° Armata su autoblindo T17E1 4x4 della CHEVROLET-STAGHOUND
  • Magnifico esemplare di SHERMAN M4E6
  • 4 Soldati americani in jeep

“Rivolgo un pensiero a tutti quelli che hanno dato la vita o che hanno sofferto per la conquista della libertà”

Edo Ansaloni

School Visits and trips to the Museum

The Memorial Museum of Liberty for its particuliar features, its special effects and spectacular reconstructions, helps bring the young near to a past which is relatively unkown. It involves them emotionally, lets them live again those tragic days leading to the end of the 2nd World War and gives in depth experience of the past.

gite al museo Bologna

Materials collected over 60 years such as vehicles, armoured means of transport, uniforms, weapons were used with the help of young keen artists and the advice of the Institute for Cultural Heritage and Activities of Emilia Romagna. Faithful recreations of war events in our areas and the most elaborate evocative effects were carried out for an extreme education and deep sensibility tour.

The whole school visit requires about two hours and it is especially recommended for boys who have already attended at least the third form of primary school. It includes:

  • an exclusive film show (for the visitors of the Museum) of "Bologna Combat" an unpublished sixteen-millimeter film on Bologna Liberation, shot by Edo Ansaloni on the 21st April 1945;
  • an exhibition of 150 photos taken by Edo Ansaloni on the 21st April 1945 chosen as the most significant for over a thousand photos of those days;
  • The Memorial, with 5 original reconstructions of the most important episodes of the 2nd World War in our province;
  • the collection of armoured means of transport, among which a Sherman, troop transport, trucks, jeeps, some very rare amphibious landing crafts.
  • Wrackage of planes shot down in our areas and recovered by the volunteers of Agmen Quadratum Association;
  • the visit of a real train with a steam engine dating back to 1910, a railway carriage of the National Railway System "8 horses and 40 men" of 1946 used in the whole Europe to carry millions of civilians to lagers, with an exhibition on extermination camps made by A.N.E.D. and finally two wagons built in 1906 and 1925 of the old Bologna Imola railway, once called "Veneta".

The comments of those who visit the Museum are all extremely moving.
We mention just the one given by Deputy-Minister of Defense Honourable Filippo Berselli:
"It is a Museum for schools! By visiting it, the young will understand that what happened so many years ago must not recur ever again."

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